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Branches of Zoology


S.NName of the branchesDeals with
1.ProtozoologyStudy of unicellular organisms
2.Para zoologyStudy of Porifera or Sponges
3.CnidologyStudy of Coelenterates
4.HelminthologyStudy of helminth worms
5.ParasitologyStudy of parasitic worms
6.EntomologyStudy of insects
7.AraneologyStudy of spiders
8.AphidologyStudy of aphids
9.MalacologyStudy of molluscs
10.ConchologyStudy of shells of molluscs
11.IchthyologyStudy of fishes
12.BatrachologyStudy of amphibians
13.HerpetologyStudy of reptiles
14.OphiologyStudy of snakes
15.SaurologyStudy of lizards
16.OrnithologyStudy of birds
17.MammalogyStudy of mammals
18.AnthropologyStudy of human evolution and culture
19.EuthenicsStudy of improvement of  human race through laws of heredity
20.EthologyStudy of animal nature or behavior of animals
21.MicrobiologyStudy of microscopic organisms
22.KaryologyStudy of nuclei of cells
23.VirologyStudy of virus