38 Computer -- Number System

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Decimal to Octal Conversion

Whole Number Conversion
1. Divide the Decimal Number by 8 till the time it is divisible.
2. Note the remainders during successive division.
3. Write the remainders from the bottom(MSD) to the top(MSD).
The remainder listed in order as mentioned in step 3 is the equivalent Octal number of given Decimal Number.

Fractional Conversion(Only for Grade-XI)
1. Convert the non-fractional part by the method shown above.
2. For fractional part, multiply the numbers after decimal(.) by 8.
       For e.g.; if the number is 1.25, multiply 8 with 0.25 not 1.25
3. Continue the multiplication unless you get the part after decimal as 0.
4. We don't need to multiply by 8 for the 6th time if we fail to get 0 after decimal in 5 attempts. i.e.,  When we fail to get 0, then we terminate the process after 5th round.
5. The integral values that come from each successive multiplication are written in top-down approach.

The written integral part (from step 5) is the equivalent value of fractional part in Octal fraction.


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