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Letter writing

Letter writing

A letter is a piece of writing that mostly represents a information or details, of someone addressing to a single or a group of people, that cannot be publicized.

Writing a letter

Letter mostly consist of  8 parts.

1. Letter head:

A letter head is mainly written on the top of the letter. Big companies already print the letter head on the top of their letter pad. It contains company's name, address and contact details.

A person can also print it or simply just can write it which must contain: the writer's name and personal contact information containing his/her phone number, email address and address itself.

2. Date: 

It is written on the line skipping one just below the letter head (Can be written on either side).

3. Receipent's address:

It is written just below the date skipping one line. It must include:

1st line : Name ( Branch name)

2nd line: Head name (if company)

3rd line: Address

4. Subject:

It must be short and direct. No grammar words nor a complete sentence should be written.

a) If the letter is written for the first time, then "Subject" should be written.

b) If  the letter is a response to another letter, "RE:" should be written.

5. Salutation:

A salutation must always be a polite. Write a prefix of the person(if any). In case, you don't know the person's name, write the title or the post of the person.

Prefix may contain; Dr.,  Er.,  Prof. etc as per the person. 

6. Body: 

It is the most longest part of the letter. It contains three parts as: 

a) Introduction:

Explain shortly about the subejct and purpose of the letter.

b) Main content: 

It conveys all the necessary detailed information that is needed to be explained about the subject.

c) Ending:

Write the ending summarizing the main content and restate the letter intent.

7. Complementary closing:

It basically means"goodbye". But writing"goodbye" itself is not entertained. Rather writing a 'thank you' in the first part and ending it with 'Best wishes/Regards/Warm Regards/ kindest regards etc.' will be appreciated.

8. Signature:

Though the name suggests only signature but it contains three parts in itself as: 

*Your name

*Your signature

*Your post

The purpose of writing a signature is to authentic the writing.