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⩸My 100th Creation On Mattrab⩸

Hey there, today I have something special for you all besides the notes.
⩸My Journey with Mattrab!⩸
A special journey on Mattrab's platform which I started some 2 months ago was so productive and entertaining for me. I got a chance to connect with so many people in this platform. Seriously, I enjoy creating notes on Mattrab really in an unexplainable way. I have no words for it. Hope you have also got some clues from all my notes in these 2 months. I feel like the knowledge which I am gaining is becoming useful. I am able to share it with others. And all this became possible because of Mattrab. I am proud to be a Mattrabian, a student who is able to help other students. I am really thankful to every members of Mattrab Community.
Hope this journey will be more blissful and memorable with you all in the coming days as well. Hope we will be experiencing more new things in the days to come. Hope this journey will reach to a very beautiful destination and will achieve success in our goals to bridge the gap in education of Nepal.
Everyone has certain wish in their life. Same like that I have also some which I have tried to present below in the form of a poem. Hope you all will enjoy reading this!"The Life Of My Wish"I want a life with,
Not with no problems through it,But with courage, so problems can be dealt with,Either out my mind or within it.
I want a life with,Not with someone special or caring,But with one whom I can trust upon,Leaving who could make me frightened.
I want a life with,Not with eternal happiness and joy,But with at least sadness for that, I don't regret by,With which after falling also I could stand high.
I want a life with,Not with being everyone supportive to me,But with the ability with which others can be helped by me,Which can make myself meaningful to me.
I want a life with, Not with being famous among others,But that name with which I can fulfil the reason for being on the earth further,And which can pay the reckless effort back to my mother.

Special Thanks 

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