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How to write a travelogue?


A travelogue is a diary of a person's journey when they travel from one place to another.

It usually contains two things:

- Narrative story( opinion, view and experience of the writer himself).

- Factual details of the place of visit.

It can be termed as an article for a magazine or a guide book for the reader or the future travellers.

Why is travelogues written?

It is mainly written for two reasons:

1. To entertain or excite the reader to visit the place. 

2. Be the guide of the reader or the travellers.

How to write a travelogue?

- It must contain a personal experience.

- Write only about the place where you have visited to.

- Write a first person ( I, We) narration.

- Include small things or details that cant be found in the internet either.

- Don't use different symbols or rhymes.

- Don't use difficult words.

- Write it in a chronological order and make it well structured.

- Include practical knowledge.

There are normally three types of travelogue:

* The one that contains a huge number of photographes.

* The one that contains a lot of words and lesser photographes.

* The one that contains videos ( only if you are blogger in the internet).

So, you can add some photographes and videos as well.

What should you include?

# Include the name of places that must be visited.

# Include some adventorous sports( if any) in the area. 

Write the name of the place and the time to reach form the nearest station or the airport. Include the transportation fee and the sport expenditures.

# Include the appropriate seasons to visit along with the disadvantage of off-season visiting.

# Include transportation options around the area.

# Provide the cultural informations.

The DOS and DONT'S of the culture.

# Make a to-do list.

# Write warnings of different situations.

# Write special events in the areas. 

Like elephant polo is conducted every year in Sauraha, Chitwan but in a specific time of the year only.

# Write a short story which might include the favorite moment of you in the visit or trip.

# Provide a detailed information of contacts and resources.

# Write the names of some hotels and motels in the area.

  1. An expensive (5 star) hotels for the rich ones.
  2. An affordable ones for the middle class.