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Economic importance of Gymnosperms

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Gymnosperms include many plants of high economic value. Some of the economic importances of gymnosperm are mentioned below:

  • Many gymnospermous plants are usually cultivated in the gardens as ornamental value. Some examples of such plants are Cycas revoluta, Thuja, Araucaria etc 
  • Some gymnospermous plants like Pine ,Cedar, fir ,Spurce etc are of great importance for their light coloured, straight grained and light weighted soft wood.
  • Sago as a carbohydrate produced from Cycas has food value.
  • Seeds of many Cycas and conifers are edible.
  • Taxol an alkaloid found in Taxus baccata is anticancer drug for breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Ephedra yields ephedrine and pseudoephedrine which are used in medicine of asthma and bronchitis. Fruit juice of Ephedra is used in respiratory trouble.
  • Wood pulps of some gymnosperms like Pinus Picea Abies are used to manufacture paper.
  • Some gymnospermous plants yield essential oils that are used in flavouring agent and in perfumery.
  • Resin is an exudates extracted from conifers. It is widely used to manufacture turpentines, oil , paints and medicine.