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Classification of Computer on the basis of Work

Overview  : There are three types of the computer on the basis of work. They are analog, digital and hybrid computer. This note contains a brief description of how computer are classified.

               Classification of Computer on the Basis of Work

The computer is an electronic device which accepts the input and processes them to give desired output. There are various types of computer available in the market. We can classify the computer as special purpose computers and general purpose computers. Special purpose computers are applicable on particular application area and have limited area for application like temperature recording, speed measurement, telephone billing etc. but general purpose computers are standard computers used for general application like word processing, spreadsheet, database application, internet access, program development etc.


                                                        Analog Computer : 

The computer that work with natural phenomena and physical values like earthquake measurement, speed of the wind weight light etc. is known as Analog computers. It is especially used in scientific work, medical and industrial  field. It measures physical values such as temperature or pressure that fall along a continuous scale in temperature or pressure. 

                                                Features of Analog Computer:

  • It is specific to the particular task so we cannot use it for multiple applications.
  • It works on continuous data and gives continuous output.
  • It works on real time and no storage capacity.
  • It gives in the form of a graph, signals, table etc.


                                                                    Digital Computer :

A computer that work with digital value 0 and 1. Where 0 is off and 1 is on. It works with discrete data. Digital Computer does not measure the continuous data for continuous output. Most of the electronic system is based on the digital system. Digital computers are very popular for actual computers are very popular for actual computer work like preparation of the report, documentation, billing and other graphical work etc. 

                                                Features of Digital Computer :

  • It works on the discontinuous or discrete data.
  • It is applicable of the general purpose so this is very versatile for the application.
  • It is based on the digits 0 and 1.
  • It is faster.
  • It has storage section also.
  • It is highly accurate and reliable than an analog system.


                                                        Hybrid Computer :

It is the combination if analog and digital computer system . It works with continuous and discrete value. The good qualities of analog and digital computers are combined on this computer and made the hybrid computer. These are used in ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) in the Hospital, Jet planes, and other data analysis terminals. Hybrid computer transfers the data from analog to digital and digital to analog and vice-versa.

                                    Features of Hybrid Computer :

  • It is an expensive system.
  • It is designed for a special purpose so it is not versatile.
  • It works on discrete and continuous value.
  • It has limited storage.
  • It is complex than other computer systems.