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We already have a note on function. Check that first before visiting this note. Click Here for initial notes on function.     

Types of Function

1. Injective Function(one to one)
The function is which distinct domain is associated with distinct elements of codomain is called injective function. Example; 

2. Surjective Function(onto)
 The function is which every codomain is associated with at least one domain is called surjective function. Example; 

3. Bijective Function(one to one onto)
→ The function which is both injective and surjective is called bijective function. Example; 

Properties of Composite of Function
Let f : A → B and g: B → C be the two functions, then function defined as A→ C is called composite function from A to C. The properties of such function are as follows:
↪ If f : A→B, : B→C and h: C→D are given functions, then: ho(gof) =(hog)of
↪ If f : A→B, : B→C are given functions, the gof  is onto or one-one according as each of f  and g is onto or one-one.

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