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Hydro Power


1. Hydroelectric power (hydropower) systems convert the kinetic energy in flowing water into electric energy.

2. Falling or flowing water turns a propeller like piece called a turbine.

3.The turbine turns a metal shaft in an electric generator which produces electricity.

  1. How a Hydroelectric Power System Works? 

  2. Flowing water is directed at a turbine. 

  3. The flowing water causes the turbine to rotate, converting the water’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

  4.  The mechanical energy produced by the turbine is converted into electric energy using a turbine generator. Inside the generator, the shaft of the turbine spins a magnet inside coils of copper wire.

  5. It is a fact of nature that moving a magnet near a conductor causes an electric current.

  1. Advantages

  2. 1.No fuel required

  3. 2.No air pollution

  4. 3.Can easily work during high peak daily load

  5. 4.Prevents floods

  6. Disadvantages

  7. 1.Disrupts the aquatic ecosystems

  8. 2.Disruption of surrounding areas

  9. 3. Requires large areas

  10. 4.Large scale human displacement

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