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Who invented steam engine?

Which one district of Nepal touch both India and China?

Who is the current president of FNCCI?

How many players play polo sport?

'War and peace' was written by:

When did Prithvi Narayan Shah attack and conquered Kantipur?

Which one of these is the world's deepest valley in Nepal?

"Indra Jatra" was first initiated by:

Which one is the correct name of first computing device?

What does the abbreviation "http" stand for?

Where was the 18th Asian Game - 2018th held?

Which province lies a famous religious place "Swargadwari"?

The 'black flag' signifies as:

Iron Man of Nepal is known as:

GATT is already dead but GATT is alive in the name of:

Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named:

Entomology is science and its study is related to:

Which country has highest per capita income in 2017?

The people of Denmark are called:

Which one is the national game of Bhutan?

Who wrote the famous religious book "Ramayan"?

Hilter's party that came into power in 1993 was called:

Where is the permanent secretariat of SAARC? 

Which country does not have written constitution?

A tax 'VAT' is the full form of?

If 5 boys write 5 page in 5 minutes, in how many minutes can a boy write one page?

9 + 99 + 999 + 9999 = ?

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