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Ronisha is ........... the visit of her nephew.

Ram and Hari are resemble ....... each other.

How many syllables does the word 'headmaster' have? 

One who hates mankind is ..... .

Let's go on a date, ....... ?

The passive of "They heard me sing a song." is

Sinex is a drug ....... cold.

The pair ........ has the same pronunciation.

The synonym of the word 'demolished' is ........

He is both rich and smart ........... handsome.

Inscription on a bomb is called ......... 

Which of the following is a noun?

Neither her nor they ....... going to the college.

Which expressions is correct?

Insert the missing vowel in these words : defin_te, po_gnant, exist_nce

Opposed to great or sudden change is called .........

The word "brother" takes the suffix

He has ......... friends because of his short temperament.

He said to her, "What a cold day!"

Similar to: Ridiculous use of words

Similar meaning of bramble is

A hater of learning and knowledge

A remedy for all disease

If they ........... for a walk, they would have turned the lights off.

The dog sprang ......... a cat.

Dimension of Boltzmann constant are same as that of

The magnetic force?

Water drops falling are spherical in shape due to

A particle is projected upwards from the surface of earth of radius R with a speed equal to the orbital velocity of a satellite near the earth's surface. The height to which it would rise is

Thermal conductivity depends on

The density of a block of wood that flows in water with 0.1 of its volume above water is

Order of magnitude of radius of an atom is

A gas maximum works when it expands

A body has 1c of negative charge. How many excess electron it has as compared to its neutral state?

On heating a liquid, the refractive index generally,

Wheat stone bridge is used to measure

An iron ball is heated. The percentage increase will be largest on

    Value of relative permeability of diamagnetic substance is

Suppose a tunnel is dug along a diameters of the earth. A particle is dropped from a point, a distance h directly above the tunnel, the motion of particle is

The force between two electric dipoles separated by a distance 'r' varies as

Photoelectric effect is due to

Which has the longest wavelength?

If a gas is allowed to expand adiabatically against external pressure

Ratio of rms speed of hydrogen molecules to that of oxygen molecules at 0 given temperature will be

In which process medium is not required

A diode can be used as

A liquid will not wet the surface of a solid if its angle of contact is:

A position has the same mass as:

Which of the following is always conserved in collision?

Slope of displacement time graph gives

Paraffin's are also called

A green color is formed in Lassaigne's test if nitrogen is present in an organic compound. Thies green color is due to the formation of

The IUPAC name of n-valeric acid is

A blood red coloration of ferric sulphocyanide obtained by addition of ferric chloride  in sodium extract confirms the presence of

Which of the following compounds has highest boiling point?

The half life of a radioisotope is 30 minutes. After how much time the amount of radioisotope left is 1/4th of the original amount?

An aqueous solution of NaCl would be

The pH of pure water at 50 degree Celsius would be

Consider the reaction 2A+B ---> C+D. If the concentration of the reactants are increase by three times, the rate of reaction will increase by,

Unit of Faraday is

Blister copper is

Zeolites are used as

Which of the following is metalloid?

The unit of electrochemical equivalent is,

Which of the following is more volatile?

Hemoglobin contains 0.33% of iron by weight. Molecular weight of hemoglobin is 67200. The number of iron atoms (At. weight of Fe = 55.85) ion molecule of hemoglobin is

The gas law which deals with the effect of pressure in a given volume of gas constant temperature is known as

The catalyst used in Rosenmund's reduction is

Williamson's synthesis is used for the preparation of 

What is the most important ore of Zinc?

DDT is an example of

Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols are distinguished by

Cannabar is an ore of

Which is an intensive property?

Which of the following halides is not oxidized by MnO2?

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