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Thrush disease is caused by

in AIDS patient which one is common?

which of the following is not a Psychedelic drug?

in which part of the sperm enzyme halurodinase is synthesized?

a man has excessive growth of mammary glands but do not secrete milk. he is gradually developing female characters. what would be the disorder?

which sensory spot helps in dynamic equilibrium?

hunger and thirst are under the direct control of

sympathetic nerve fibers in mammals arise from

nitrogenous waste is secreted mainly as

right atrium contains

which of the following is a purely motor nerve?

which function will be lost due to damage to the occipital lobe?

in which part of the eye only cone cells are found?

LH in male stimulates leydig cells to release 

chloride shift occurs in response to

In oogenesis haploid eggs is fertilized by sperm at which stage?

difficulty in breathing is termed as 

which of the following is not transmitted by feco-oral route?

which among the following compounds were formed during the origin of life?

Australopithecus was also called

last segment of earthworm is called

nephrostome and nephridiopores are respectively found in

stomach of frog does not have

in frogs muscles which help in respiration are

the third eye possessed by remote ancestor of frog is marked by

nut cracker fossil man was 

gills slits present in embryonic stage of vertebrate represents

which of the following is true fish?

larva of mosquito is called

rheo-taxis is related with

study of lizards is

gametocytes of malarial parasite form in

first life of earth were 

in benign tertian fever, the erythrocytic schizogony begins with the entry of

in pheretima the cells that are analogous to hepatic cells of vertebrate

fertilization in pheretima occurs in 

presence of chloride cells, lateral line sense organs are the adaptive features of

venous system of frog differs from that of mammal due to presence of 

at the end of first meiotic division, the male germ cell differentiated into

retina consists of ...... layers

first microscope was invented by

germ theory was given by

artificial culture is impossible in 

mycetology is the study of 

the mode of nutrition of agaricus is

embryo without vascular tissues belong to

mesarch is the arrangement of vascular bundles present in ..... of ferns

cycas is popularly called

phylloclade has 

all are monocapric plants except 

the horse gram belongs to the family

primary productivity is concerned with

most unstable ecosystem is

biota is defined as

the evergreen forest is characterized by

ecologically finer soil is

structure unit of life is

quantasome was discovered in

What happen when blood cell is kept in water?

smallest cell organelle is

what is chargaff's law? 

All microspores of tetrad are attached by

messenger RNA is produced from 

The bond between two nucleotides of a strand of DNA is

DNA has all elements except

The cross between recessive homozygous parent with its hybrid offspring is

well developed aerenchyma is found in

xylem element doesn't include

cell wall shows

pulsation theory is concerned with 

the source of oxygen during photosynthesis is 

kranz anatomy is found in 

the number of ATP produced in cytoplasm is

common product produced in anaerobic respiration is 

hormone responsible for morphogenesis effect is

diploid pair is

the mouth of ovule is

the anther is

excessive use of antibiotic causes

a fermentation is

empirical formula of hydrocarbon containing 80% carbon and 20% hydrogen is 

Boron has two isotopes 10B(19%) and 11B(81%). Average atomic weight is

what is the molarity of 0.2N Na2CO3 solution?

Rutherford's experiment showed for the first time that atom has

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