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The resultant  of two forces  3P and 2P is R. When  first  one is doubled, the resultant also doubles. Then, the angle between  forces is:

 A bullet is fired straight to monkey  falling from the tree straight at  the same instant  bullet is shot   .  The result is :

Which has the highest numerical value? 

Which   of the following  motion has non-zero  tangential acceleration? 

If an planet had mass  and radius  of the earth, the  acceleration due to gravity  of that hypothetical  planet will be : 

If there is change of angular momentum  from 2J to 4 J   in 4 seconds . Then torque will be : 

The time required for pendulum  in motion to move from point of maximum acceleration  to point of maximum velocity is : ( T= time period of given pendulum)

The effect of  rolling  and annealing   to an elastic body on it's  elasticity   respectively  is : 

  Mercury meniscus in glass vessel  when tilted 45°    from the vertical  , it's  meniscus  becomes: 

The terminal velocity for water  drop of  diameter Z is   M   then    the terminal velocity   for  water drop   half the  diameter of previous is : 

The pendulum clock  of brass  keeps correct time at 20°C , how many seconds will it lose  or gain at 35°C ? (gamma = 6×10^-5)

The best extinguisher   for fire is : 

The graph between pressure and volume according to  Boyle's law is : 

The maximum wavelength  emitted by the sun at temperature    X, Y ,Z   are 659 nm ,  580 nm and 350 nm  respectively.    

 Then Which is correct  ? 

 The most steeper  curve  of P-V diagram is for :

Efficiency  of  carnot engine   working  between 27°C and  127 °C is :

Critical angle  of light  passing from  glass to  air is least for : 

Air bubble inside water  acts as: 

Suggest   lens    for  person with least distance of  vision  is  100cm .

The central  maxima  formed  after refraction in Newton's  ring experiment  is : 

 A grating  with 4000 LPI   can give how many orders of fringe    using an entire  visible spectra? 

Who  Firstly  discovered  that light   has a finite speed?

Antinode  has :

 Open organ pipe and closed organ pipe are in unision then, their length will be in ratio: 

 Find minimum  electrostatic   force between two  charge  X  AND Y separated  by an unit  distance   .

   If 1/4pi € =k 

When the   normal distance  from  conducting charged sheet   to required point is doubled , the electric field   now : 

 The capacitance of earth  is : 

In induction process  which of them is conserved? 

The drift speed in a conductor  just due to thermal energy   is :  

  Two  coils take   5 minutes and 10 minutes to   boil   identical liquids respectively .If  they are now connected   to get maximum resistance  in that case time to boil same   liquid will be:

  Maximum  power can be obtained from battery  if :

Neutral temperature   of a thermocouple  is 320 °C     . The  cold  junction  is maintained  at 10°C   . The temperature where polarity changes is : 

The best instrument  to measure  current with high precision : 

The  nature  of permanent magnets   for better use is : 

 When a   ring of  wire with current is  bent to  two    circular  loops   ,  magentic field changes as follows : 

    Transformer doesn't  transform

  Practical  choke coil   consumes: 

Photoelectric effect was first observed by :

 Value of Specific charge of an electron  is :

 Line spectra of protium and deuteriun differ  due to :

  What is the minimum wavelength  of  X ray one can get  through  12.4 KV  P.d  in Coolidge tube ? 

Moderators  in nuclear reactor  is :

Which  particle is exception to pauli 's exclusion principle?

Albedo is maximum for :

The  unit for molecular weight is : 

Which one of the following insects lays eggs in water:

What is the female counter part of prostate gland in the human male:

In Paramecium the oral groove leads ventrally and posteriorly as a tubular structure and is called: 

Peyer’s patches found in small intestine are: 

The number of vertebrae in human body is: 

The endocrine part of the pancreas is known as: 

What is common in earthworm and man?

In mammals, mammary glands are modified form of:

In internal ear sensory patches are situated in:

Maximum absorption of nutrients takes place inside:

In rabbit fertilization of ova takes place inside:

How many daughter Paramecia are formed in a process of conjugation at a time?

Movement of earthworm against the soil surface is:

Gemmule formation is the means of reproduction in:

Resemblances between different organisms with different genotypes due to common adaptation

Numerous ovules are present in the ovary of the plants belonging to the family:

The neck canal cell in the archegonium of fern is:

Which of the following is parasitic form of algae?

The salt loving bacteria are known as:

The transfer of genes from one chromosome to another during synapsis is termed as:

The study of plants related to chemistry is:

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) genes are:

Sexual reproduction is totally absent in:

Which of the is an example of “living fossil”?

Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis comes from:

Which is the main causative factor of desertification?

Which of the following plants has di-morphic chloroplast?

The hormone present in the liquid endosperm of coconut is:

Vessels in plants are generally blocked by

Motor cells are present in:

Cork cambium is also called 

Chewing gum is obtained from

An attribute found in plants but not in animals is: 

C4 Pathway was reported by

Pine apple fruit is a

Name a weed killing Hormone from the following

Mutation can be induced by using

Wilting is due to  

"Origin of species" is written by  

Restriction Enzymes are responsible for  

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