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1. If f is a function from A to B is an injective, then 

2. 3x³ 2x² + ax + b is divided by x - 1 the remainder is 3. When divided (x + 1) the remainder is -13,Then the value of a and b is equal to

3. If Q = { x :x=1/y, where y€  N}, then

The angle between two planes is equal to

The vertex of the parabola x² + 8x +12y + 4 = 0 is

The square root of (3 - 4i) is

If the rate of change of area of circle is equal to the rate of change of its diameter, then its radius is

The vector product axb  = 0 if

If A and B are square matrices of order 3 such that |A| = -1, |B| = 3 then |2AB| =

In triangle ABC, the value of sinA + sinB + sinC=

The derivative of Sin2w.r.t. cosx is

The sum of the binomial coefficients in the expansion of (1+x)n


In a gp (m+n)th and (m-n)th terms are p and q respectively.Then, its mth term is


which of the following represents a vector?

Lim x tends to zero   

two number whose sum is 10 and the sum of whose squares is minimum are

the area of the region bounded by the curve  

Y2=2y-x and y axis is

the two ends of the latus rectum of the parabola are the points (3,6) and (-5,6). then the focus is

if the eccentricity of a conic section is 0.4, then the conic is

which of the following word does not stress on the first syllable?

the synonym of louche is

which of the following has the suffix- ity

______- are coming for dinner

while i was studying , she ______ the food

A kilogram of sugar _____ sold

______ guitars are string instruments

The Health Ministry made grocers and restaurant owners ______ all milk before selling it.

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