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Absolute error is 

If the displacement of a body is proportional to square of time, then body has 

When torque acting upon a system is zero, which of the following will be constant?

Which of the following is most sensitive ?

In which of the following expansion work done is greatest ? 

Looming occurs due to 

In cinema hall, the distance between the projector and screen is increased by 2%, the illumination on screen 

In bringing an electron towards another electron, electrostatic potential energy of system 

In young's double slit experiment the intensities of dark and bright fringes are in the ratio 1:4. The ratio of amplitudes of source is 

An open organ pipe has fundamental frequency of 'f'. If water is filled upto half of pipe, the fundamental frequency of pipe will become 

Two cells each E, r are connected in parallel to resistance 'R'. The maximum energy will transferred to this resistor if the value of 'r' is 

The resistance of capacitor for direct current is 

The ratio of energies of electron in the hydrogen atom in its first to second excited state is  

The frequency of incident photon is doubled. The stopping potential become 

Which of the following is correct statement? 

I: Work has to be done to bring a charge along perpendicular bisector of electric dipole. 

II: When the radius of charge enclosing spherical surface is doubled, electric flux gets halved. 

A piece of ice containing a stone inside it is floating in water. When ice melts completely, the level of water will 

"Good absorber are good emitter's". This statement is called 

If cos2x=sin3x then x equals

A set has 5 elements then the number of subsets containing more than 2 elements is

If A2 -A+I=0 then A-1 equals

The term independent of x in the expansion of (x - 3/x2 )18

The center of the ellipse 4x2 +9y2 +16x-18y-11=0

If the sum of the distances of a point from two perpendicular lines in a plane is 1, then the locus of a point is 

If arg(z)<0 then arg(-z)-arg(z)=

The period of f(x)=cos4x is

If sinA, sinB, sinC are in A.P., then a,b,c are in  

If p and q are the roots of the equation x^2+px+q=0 then 

The range of the function f(x)=|x-1| is 

Let u,v and w be the vectors such that u+v+w=0. If |u|=3, |v|=4 and |w|=5 then (u.v+v.w+w.u) is 

The number of ways in which 3 people can sit in a 7 vacant chairs is 

Which of the following is not always true? 

A circle and a square have the same perimeter then 

The equation of the plane having intercepts 2,-3,4 in order is 

Which of the following set of quantum number have minimum energy?

Which of the following is the most electropositive element?

For which of the following species Bohr's theory is not applicable ?

A solution of SO2 in water reacts with H2S precipitating sulphur. Here SO2 acts as

A solution of liquid ammonia is blue due to presence of 

Gas formed by passing ammonia over CaOCl2 

The total number of isomers having the molecular formula C3H8O

The gas formed by hydrolysis of calcium carbide is purified using 

The main function of roasting is 

Metamerism is exhibited by

In kellner- solvay process, the cathode used for electrolysis of brine is

Volume of CO2 gas at NTP formed by burning 14gm of ethene is

Which one of the following chemical is primary standard

The phonemic transcription of the word "Formative" is 

The word "tomato" has its primary stress on which syllable 

The synonym of "debility" is 

As wary as ........

An anthology of .........

Please, excuse ........ being late. 

Two thirds of the book .......... interesting. 

Which of the following is compound sentence?

He liked you more than he ....... me. 

Hari said, "come here, Sita"

So you own the factory, .........?

Hunting tigers are dangerous. 

The word "Hunting" in the above sentence is a : 

A drunkard walking in a narrow lane take 8 steps forward and 6 steps backward, again 8 steps forward and 6 steps backward and so on. Each step is 1m long requires 1s then time taken by him to fall in pit 18m from start is 

The breaking strength of a rope suspended from a rigid support is 25kg weight. The maximum acceleration with which monkey of mass 20kg can climb up the rope is 

A horizontal platform with an object placed on it is executing SHM in vertical direction with an amplitude of 9.8m. The least period of oscillation so that object is not detached from platform is 

A gas expands with temperature according to the relation V=KT2/3 the work done to change the temperature of 1 mole of gas by 60K is

The power of heater is 500W at 8000 C. what will be its power at 2000 C if the temperature coefficient of resistance of heating coil is 4X10- 4 /o C ?

An organ pipe filled with gas at 27o C  resonate at 400Hz in its fundamental mode. If it is filled with the same gas at 90o C, the resonance frequency will be 

The minimum wavelength of Balmer series is 3670Å . Then the minimum wavelength of paschen series is 

If three fourth of the active nuclei present in a radioactive sample decay in 3/4 sec. The half life of sample is 

In young's double slit experiment, slits are separated by 2mm then the fringes are observed on screen at 10cm for light of wavelength 6000Å. The fringes are shifted by 5mm is introduced in the path of one slit. the refractive index of plate is

For two position of a lens image is obtained on screen at fixed distance. The size of object is 2cm and size of diminished image is 0.5cm then the size of other image will be 

n-equal capacitors are first connected in series and then in parallel. The ratio of maximum to minimum capacitance is 

A 100mH coil carries a current of 1A. Energy stored in its magnetic field is

Five 5Ω resistors are connected to form a pentagon then find equivalent resistance across any of its sides

The surface tension of soap bubble is 25 X 10-3 N/m. The excess pressure inside a soap bubble of radius 1cm is 

The no. of real roots of the equation x2 - 4lxl + 3=0 is 

The area between the curves represented by  is:


The number of different committees of 9 member that can be formed from a group of 8 men and 6 women, so that one third seats is reserved for women is:

The equation of polar to (1,2) to the parabola y2=4(x-2) is:

If  is a purely imaginary number, then  is equal to 

If x,y,z are in G.P. and , then

The number of bijections possible between two sets of n elements is :

The roots of the equation  are

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