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Which of the following is the name of physical quantity?

Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for:

What is the maximum number of rectangular components into which a vector can spitted in space?

For a motion on a curved path in constant motion, acceleration (magnitude of displacement/distance covered) is:

Which of the following is the essential characteristic of a projectile?

A plumb line is suspended from the roof of a railroad car. When the car is moving on a circular track, the plumb line inclines:

A man of mass 60 kg climbs up a 20m long stair case to the top of a building 10m high. What is the work done by him? Take g=10ms-2.

If the value of 'g' is same at depth ‘d’ inside earth and height 'h' above it, then:

Why is it easier to swim in sea water?

Light requires 8 minutes to travel from the sun to the earth: What is the distance between them?

An object 2 cm high is placed 3 cm in front of a concave lens of focal length 2cm, find the magnification?

A Centigrade and Fahrenheit thermometer is dipped in boiling water. The water temperature is lowered until the Fahrenheit thermometer registers 140°. What is the fall in temperature registered by Centigrade thermometer?

When water is from 00C to 100C, its volume:

Iron loss in a dynamo arises because of:

Which of the following helps in determining the temperature of the sun?

Molecular formula of plaster of paris is:

The 1st attempt to classify element was made by:

The most abundant metal in the earth crust is

The lightest element is:

The triple point of water is:

The most poisonous metal is:

Modern atomic weight is based on:

An oxidizing agent is substance which a solid:

Sublimation is a process in which a solid:

The total number of e-s that takes part for bond formation in N2 molecule is:

In laboratory preparation of 02, catalyst, used is:

Dry Ice is:

Molecular formula of benzene is:

CO2 + 2NH3

Determine the number of moles of H2 in 0.224 litre of hydrogen gas at STP (assuming ideal gas behavior):

Smallest bone of rabbit body is:

DOTS is related to:

The 1st mammal appeared in the ........ period.

Study of structural organization of living beings is:

Tube within tube is a type of body plan found in:

The pacemaker of heart is:

Cells of germinal epithelium are:

Which belongs to class cephalopoda?

Mode of nutrition in Paramecium is

Affinity that repels planaria away from water current is known as:

The study of organisms in colder regions is:

The centrosome is related with:

Successful land plants are:

You are a part of:

Which of the following is a molecule of heredity?

Fern rhizome is:

Common form of food stored in a fungal cell is:

A new 5 kingdom arrangement was proposed by

Tissue culture was experimentally proved by:

Meiosis is responsible for:

There are 150 students in a college of whom 66 play soccer, 27 play exactly two of three sports and 3 play all of three sports. How many of 150 play none of 3 sports?

n(AUB) will be minimum when:

When Z is divided by 8 the remainder is 5. What is the remainder when 4z is divided by 8?

What angle is the minute hand and hour hand clock inclined to each other at 2:25?

If 3x=4y, the value of (x+y)2 is:

The equation x2+k1y2 = k2xy = 0  represent a pair of perpendicular lines if:

If f = {(1,2), (3,5), (4,1)} and g = {(2,3), (5,1),(1,6)}, then gof is equal to:

If x2+y2-2x-y+k = 0 represents a point circle, the value of k is:

If vectors (a+b).(a-b) = 0, then:

Let f(x) = x3-x-18, then number of negative zero’s of the function is:

In how many ways can 4 letters be posted in 6 letter boxes?

If Q = {x : x = 1 / y, where y ∈ N}, then

The straight line 2x+3y=k forms a triangle of area 27 sq. unit to the coordinate axes, then the value of k is:

Which one of the following is the length of perpendicular from origin to the line (x/a)+(y/b)=1?

The vertex of the parabola x2-4x-4y+4=0 is:

The angle of elevation of the top of two vertical towers as seen from the middle point of the line joining the feet of the towers are 60 and 30 respectively. The ratio of the height of the tower is:

If sinx+sin2x = 1, then cos8x+2cos6x+cos4x =

The ratio of radius and slant height of a cone is 1:3 and curved surface area is 192𝝅 cm2. Find the radius of the cone.

A dealer gains a selling price of 4 watches by selling 20 watches. What is the percentage profit?

What number should be added to each of the numbers 6, 7, 15 and 17 so that sum be proportional?

 If 2a-1/a = 5, the value of 4a² + 1/a² is:

If x be the A.M between y and z, y be the G.M between z and x, then x, z, y are in:

The perimeter of circle of diameter 14 cm is:

A woman is 6 years younger to her husband and he is 5 times as old as his daughter. If the daughter was 7 years old 2 years ago. What is the present age of a woman?

Three coins are tossed simultaneously, find probability of getting at least 2 heads.

9x-4.3x+1+27 = 0, then x = ....

If A+AT= 0, then the matrix A is:

She has....... five children in seven years.

He has a remarkable....... for the arts.

I attended the meeting ………... of my father.

He ……. that the law may be changed.

A hawker goes ……… house ………..

The meaning of word ENIGMA is

With a flamboyant gesture he threw off the covering. The meaning of the word in bold type is:

If I …….. him, I would accept the proposal.

Rajesh asked me......

I am going to have my parents ……... a new house.

You'd better go out, ………?

Neha plays ……… flute well.

I have to write a …….. essay.

Julia has given me a pen. It means, I.......... a pen.

This time last week, we …….. in a beautiful lake.

I wish my parents ……….. asking me when I'm going to get married.

A room leading into a large room or hall is:

The meaning of the phrase "A storm in a teacup" is

A scientist who deals with beginning of life is:

The photographs in the papers bore no ………. the original

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