12 Physics -- Rotational Dynamics

A cylinder of radius R and mass M, rolls without slipping over the step as shown below. For cylinder-step system, which of the following quantities are not conserved?


A bicycle wheel is rolling on a level surface. At any given instant in time the wheel.

which way angular velocity point for the earth?

About what axis would a uniform cube have its minimum rotational inertia?

A ladder is at rest with its upper end against a wall and its lower end on the ground. A worker is about to climb it. When is it more likely to slip?

In one of his many action movies Jackie Chan jumped off a building by wrapping a rope around his waist and then allowed it to unwind as he fell to the ground, much the same as a yo-yo. Assuming his acceleration toward the ground was a constant much less than g, the tension in the rope would be

A particle moves with constant velocity v. The angular momentum of this particle about the origin is zero 

The linear velocity  and linear momentum  of a body (Note: Bold represents it is vector)

The angular velocity and angular momentum of a body with axial symmetry

A body, not necessarily rigid, is originally rotating with angular velocity of magnitude ω and angular momentum of magnitude L. Something happens to the body to cause  ω to slowly decrease. Consequently,

A solid object is rotating freely without experiencing any external torques. In this case,

Two independent particles are originally moving with angular momenta  and  L   in a region of space with no external torques. A constant external torque τ then acts on particle one, but not on particle two, for a time t, what is the change in the total angular momentum of the two particles?

In rotational motion, the physical quantity that imports angular acceleration is 

If L represents momentum, I represents the moment of inertia, then (L^2)/2I represents

Which of the following is a correct formula for calculating the radius of gyration K of a rotating object?

Radius of gyration of a uniform rod of length L about an axis through its middle is 

When torque acting upon a system is zero, which of the following will be constant?

A fun makes 10 revolutions in 3 sec, which is just switched on. Considering uniform acceleration, the number of revolutions made by the fan in the next 3 s is 

The spokes are used in the bicycle wheel to

The moment of inertia does not depend on

If no internal force is applied to a body, the velocity of the center of mass

The moment of inertia depends on

The torque due to the gravitational force on a body about its center of mass is 

The center of gravity of a body

the ratio of angular velocity of the earth about its axis to the hour hand of the clock is  

The radius of the earth's orbit is made one fourth, the duration of the year will become

If the is a chance of angular momentum from 2J to 4 J in 4s , the torque is 

The ratio of the angular speeds of the minute hand and hour hand of a clock is 

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