Class Twelve: Physics

A cylinder of radius R and mass M, rolls without slipping over the step as shown below. For cylinder-step system, which of the following quantities are not conserved?


A bicycle wheel is rolling on a level surface. At any given instant in time the wheel.

which way angular velocity point for the earth?

About what axis would a uniform cube have its minimum rotational inertia?

A ladder is at rest with its upper end against a wall and its lower end on the ground. A worker is about to climb it. When is it more likely to slip?

In one of his many action movies Jackie Chan jumped off a building by wrapping a rope around his waist and then allowed it to unwind as he fell to the ground, much the same as a yo-yo. Assuming his acceleration toward the ground was a constant much less than g, the tension in the rope would be

A particle moves with constant velocity v. The angular momentum of this particle about the origin is zero 

The linear velocity  and linear momentum  of a body (Note: Bold represents it is vector)

The angular velocity and angular momentum of a body with axial symmetry

A body, not necessarily rigid, is originally rotating with angular velocity of magnitude ω and angular momentum of magnitude L. Something happens to the body to cause  ω to slowly decrease. Consequently,

A solid object is rotating freely without experiencing any external torques. In this case,

Two independent particles are originally moving with angular momenta  and  L   in a region of space with no external torques. A constant external torque τ then acts on particle one, but not on particle two, for a time t, what is the change in the total angular momentum of the two particles?

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