1. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, cleaning chemicals, our emotions and literally every object that we can see or touch, Love, jealousy, infatuation and all share in chemistry. For all living things to function and survived their bodies perform various chemical processes.

  2. Dimension of angle is [M0L0T0], So, the A and C have dimension [L]. Since, x is a distance and t is time, B and D have dimensions [L-1] and [T-1] . Their ratio has dimension[L-1 T].

  3. Precision is a measure of statistical variability. It describes random errors which is caused by permanent, unpredictable fluctuations of measuring instrument. In other words, it basically describes closeness of the measured values.  For example, you used normal ruler to measure length of certain object and now you have used a Laser Interferometer to measure the same object . Of course, there will be more precision in latter one as there will be more fluctuations in previous one, which shows some limitations of ruler. So, Precision describes the limitation of the measurement is in fact a true statement.

1. The dimensional formula of angular momentum is

2. The dimensional formula of torque is

3. The unit of relative permittivity is

4. Planck's constant has the dimension of 

5. The strength of electric repulsion between electrons is larger than the gravitational attraction between them by an order of 

6. Which of the following have same dimension?

7. The unit of 0, the absolute permittivity of free space is

8. "Light year" is the unit of