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  1. First of all, try to understand what is environment, Population and Health and how they are interrelated to each others. Environment is the simply the combination of biotic abiotic and abstract components available in our surroundings. and population means the people dwelling in that particular place for particular time. Health is considered as the state of wellbeingness. lets move on discussing their relations. These three things run side by side  and can remain in good condition only if they are in harmony. otherwise there won't be balance and human life other creatures and whole ecosystem get hampered. A change on any one factors of them shows effect on others. For example if the environment we are living is clean, the health of people residing there remains good But in polluted environment their health degrades simultaneously. When health degrades the population degrades because of the presence of diseases. Similarly, Population increases or decrease have direct effects on health and environment. when the population increases industrialization, urbanization and crowds among people increases which may hampers the health of people. and when number of population increases then the most of people wouldn't get access to health services because of limited services and have effects on several factors like drinking water, foods, educations etc..Due to rapid growth of population environment may degrades and cause various diseases and infections. So It is necessary to maintain the equilibrium condition on among so that the everything will have their proper existance. 

  2. The different natural and manmade components of an environment is meant by physical aspects of environment.

  3. The plan policy and law fall under the political aspect of health, population and environment.

  4. The feelings, attitude, understanding and behavior of the individual about the health, population and environment is meant by psychological aspect of health, population and environment.

  5. Any two examples of science and technological aspects of health, population & environment are:
            - Invention of new technology.
            - Industrialization.

  6. Economic aspect has an important role in health, population and environment. The strong economic condition of a country helps to preserve the environment. If each family of any nation has good economic condition, they can have quality of life that boost the health situation among the population of the nation.

  7. Science and technology is co-related with health, population and environment. They are the significant means of development process. It's making the human life more comfortable and productive invention of various technology has made the treatment of health easy and reliable. It's also playing equal role for the improvement of population. Beside it, it has an effective role for the preservation of environment. Also it helps for the progress of other aspects of health, population & environment it is interrelated with these subjects.

  8. The various aspects of health, population and environment are:
            - Physical aspect.
            - Biological aspect.
            - Socio-cultural aspect.
            - Economic aspect.
            - Science technological aspect.
            - Political aspects.
            - Psychological aspects.

  9. The availability of biological resources of a place determines the environment and health of the people. People get their foodstuffs and other various kinds of life supporting material from biological resource. The degree of quality of life is determined by the richness of biological resources of that place. Not only it has the role to maintain good health but also it has an equal role to preserve the environment. For example if the biological factors like wildlife, flora, fauna, etc. are healthy, environment can be healthy and balanced which contributes to improve or boost the human health.

  10. a.    Biological and physical aspect of environment.

    Biological aspect
    Physical aspect
    It is total biological resources available in the environment of certain place.It is the natural or man-made things or resources available in the environment of certain place.
    The healthy biological resources affect healthy agricultural and animal husbandry.The healthy physical resources in the environment affect the health positively.
    The presence of biological resources affect the availability of healthy foods.The presence of physical resources creates the employment opportunities.

    b.    Social and economic aspect of health, population and environment.

    Social aspect
    Economic aspect
    It includes the different social factors like culture, religion and so on that affect health, population and environment.It includes the different economic factors like industrialization, agriculture and so on.
    Some social rules avoid cutting down trees that reduces deforestation and promote human health.The good economic investment in environment boost environment's health and promote human health.

  11. There is deep interrelationship among health, population and environment through different aspects. In the absence of any of these subject the other cannot exists or negative effect is seen to the other subjects. For example, the negative effect of population growth is seen in the health condition and environmental factors. Similarly, the health condition of the people gets degraded with the degradation of the natural factors. However, if we can maintain healthy environment, its positive effect is seen in health & population. In the other hand, if we can manage population and RPG, it affect health condition and environmental resources positively. In this way, these subjects are co-related to each other.

  12. Health, population and environment are interrelated to each other by different aspects like physical, biological, social, economic, science & technology, political, psychological aspects.

    Physical aspects includes natural and artificial resources. The condition of physical resources affect the different aspect of health and population. The availability of different physical facilities generates good food, health facilities which affect good health. In the same way, it attracts people and population gets centralized which increase the population density of certain place.

    -Biological aspect:
    The different aspects of health and population is related with biological resources of environment. The foods, plants, animals are available in biological resources. The good state of biological resources boasts human health and in the same way the wise use of biological aspects or resources preserves environment.

    -Social aspect:
    Every people in the society has their own social values and norms. The unmanaged wastes during festivals degrade environment and spreads different diseases that negatively affect heath. However, some rules in the society helps to preserve environmental resources that boosts health of the people.

    -Economic aspect:
    The economic condition of the country affect the health and environment. If the economic condition of any country is weak, people use a lot of environmental resources to fulfill their needs that degrades health and environment. But the investment made for preservation of environmental resource boosts health situation of the nation.

    -Science & technology:
    The development of science and technology has affect different field. Many diseases are treated easily with its help, that improves health situation. And environment is also being preserved with its role. However, sometime environment is polluted because of industrialization and so on that has negative effect to the environmental resources and human health.

    -Political aspect:
    The political situation of the country also affect health, population and environment. The different rules and regulations helps to preserve biological resources the improves the state of health and environment. Similarly, the political plans and policies improves health and other physical facilities that boosts health of the general people.

    -Psychological aspect:
    The different aspect of health, pop. and environment is related to psychological aspect or the thinking, understanding, etc. of the peoples. If the people use the natural resources wisely, the enviro. will be preserved. Our surroundings can be clean and our health with the health of every living beings gets improved.

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