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  1. Human resource are those manpower that is required for the completion of any task or assignment.

  2. Development is the positive and progressive change in the society with economic upliftment and social transformation.

  3. According to UN charter, development is the change with the economic progress and social, cultural, and institutional growth.

  4. The other factors to judge development are:
            - Social progress.
            - Socio-economic growth of society.

  5. The different raw materials which are essential to carry out different development works defined as resource.

  6. PCI can be defined as per head income of every citizen of nation which the average income of the citizen.
    Life expectancy is the average age of the citizens of the nation.

  7. Obviously, though both natural and human resources are essential for development, human resource is active resource because it always utilize natural resource to accelerate any dev. but natural resource needs human resources to be utilized.

  8. Resources are divided into two category. They are:

    - Natural resource:
    They are all those natural things available in our surroundings as free gift of nature. Proper utilization of natural resources helps in the overall development of human civilization.

    - Human resource:
    They are all those work force which are necessary for the overall development of a country. This resource is very important for the development of the nation as they utilize the natural resource in a proper manner to get the maximum benefits.

  9. Human resource are those manpower that is required for the completion of any task or assignment. This resource has great role for the development of nation as the utilize the natural resource is a proper manner to get the maximum benefits.
    Its types are:

    - Skilled:
    Those manpower which is capable and well trained in the related field are skilled human resource.

    - Semi-skilled:
    Those manpower who is trained with vocational training in the related field are semi skilled human resource.

    - Unstilled:
    Those manpower who don't have skills or are not capable to perform the act in the related field are unskilled human resource.

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