10 Science -- Pressure

SI unit of pressure is

In symbol, pressure is equal to

Why do fluids exert pressure?

When the same force is applied to a small area, then the pressure is

What is 50 kPa expressed in Pascals?

If a force of 200 N is applied to an area of 0.5m2, the pressure is

1 millibar is equal to how many Pascals? 

A solid object weighs 24 N in air and 10 N in water. What is the upthrust and weight of the liquid displaced?

Any pressure applied on enclosed liquids is transmitted equally in all parts. This statement is

The Mercury barometer was invented by

The value of standard atmospheric pressure is 

U= W2gives the conclusion of 

In which instrument of the following the washer works as a valve?

A hydraulic garage lift is based on

At a height of about 30 km, the atmospheric pressure becomes

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