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  1. The contamination of the environment due to mixing of harmful and unwanted substance which makes environment impure is called environment pollution.

  2. The combination of air with unwanted and harmful substance that degrades the quality of air is called air pollution.
    The main sources of air pollution are:
            - Natural sources.
            - Artificial sources.

  3. The major causes of air pollution are:
            - The dust particles released into the air.
            - Production of greenhouse gasses.
            - Agricultural residues are burnt which cause air pollution.
            - Smokes from vehicles and factories or industries.
            - Deforestation & global warming.

  4. The effects of air pollution are:
            - It may cause headache, nausea, and allergic reaction.
            - It damages buildings and historical monuments.
            - It causes acid rain.
            - It is the cause of global warming.
            - It reduces the solar radiation on the earth.

  5. Any three method of reducing air pollution are:
            - Afforestation programmer should be encouraged.
            - Population growth rate should be controlled.
            - Solid and liquid wastes should be managed.

  6. The combination of rivers and lakes or water resources with unwanted and harmful substances that degrades the quality of water is called water pollution

  7. The major causes of water pollution are:
            - Mixing of drainage directly into water bodies.
            - Excessive use of chemical fertilizers.
            - Open defication near the water resources.
            - Deforestation around the water resources
            - Bathing of cattle and washing clothes in the water resources.
            - Throwing the wastes into the water resources.

  8. Any four effects of polluted water are:
            - It cause water-borne diseases.
            - Hard water cardiovascular diseases.
            - Polluted water containing chemicals damages our health.
            - Polluted water spreads bad smell and cause air pollution.

  9. We can reduce water pollution by the following ways:
            - Solid & liquid waster should be managed properly.
            - We should keep our water resources clean.
            - Afforestation around the water resources.
            - Band on using chemical fertilizers.
            - Awareness level should be raised at the public.

  10. The combination of land with the harmful substances and chemicals or waste materials that changes the composition of soil is called land/soil pollution.

  11. The major causes of soil pollution are:
            - Excessive use of chemical fertilizers.
            - Dumping of household solid and liquid wastes on the land.
            - Acid rainfall .
            - Use of polluted water for irrigation.
            - Throwing of non-degradable waste.

  12. Any three effects of soil pollution are:
            - It has adverse effects on terrestrial organisms.
            - Polluted water causes ground water pollution.
            - Land pollution decreases the fertility of soil.

  13. Any five measures to prevent soil pollution are:
            - Chemical farming should be replaced by organic.
            - Household wastes should be managed properly.
            - Human & animals wastes should be managed.
            - Public awareness programs should be conducted.
            - Polluted water shouldn't be used to irrigate land.

  14. We should conserve forests because :
            - We get various important natural resources from forest.
            - Forest helps us to purify the underground water.
            - Forest is the sources of oxygen.

  15. Any five measures for conservation and management of forests are:
            - Afforestation programs should be encouraged.
            - Forest fire should be minimized.
            - Forest products should be used wisely.
            - Deforestation should be avoided.
            - Awareness about the forest and its importance.

  16. We should conserve water resources because:
            - Water is the element that every organism need for life.
            - Water is used for electricity generation.
            - Water is used for irrigation.

  17. Any five measures for the conservation and management of water resources are:
            - We should conserve watersheds and glaciers.
            - Misuse and overuse of water should be controlled.
            - The storage and distribution should be done properly.
            - The existing sources of water should be conserved.
            - Awareness about the importance of water resources and the way of conserving them.

  18. We know, pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse change. The combination of the environment due to the mixing of harmful and unwanted substances which makes the environment impure is called environmental pollution. The mixing of different unwanted bodies in the different factor of environment pollutes it and degrades the quality of it. The different activities of human like deforestation, explosion of bombs and so on or natural disasters like a flood, landslide, volcanic eruption etc. degrades the quality of environmental factors that affects the environment adversely. Therefore, environment pollution affects the environment adversely.

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