1. conceptualizing the truth,in hegel's term. A lot of philosophers(like descartes' three kinds of ideas) in his time (and a lot of mindfulness practitioners these days)believed a higher form of truth(or knowledge) exists which cannot be articulated but is to be intuited and felt.Hegel didnt consider this to be scientific.you can never know if your intuition is true or its just you making the stuff up.

  2. nietzsche suggests reevaluation of our values.he wants us to overcome nihilism by focusing on sth important.strong individuals will embrace nihilism and overcome it by creating their own world views through science,art,culture,philosophy etc.nietzsche says in birth of tragedy there can only be an aesthetic justification of existence which means art is essential.

  3. Walk like you are the king or walk like  you don't care who is the king