3 Biology -- Animal Tissues

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Harvesian Canal

Harvesian canal are series of microscopic tubes in the outermost region of bones called corticle bones through which nerves and blood vessels pass through.

Each harvesian canal comprises one or two blood capillaries and nerve fibre.

The channels are formed by the concentric layers called lamellae.

The harvesian canal surrounds the blood vessels and nerve cells throughout the bones and communicate with bone cells through the connections called canaliculi.

This unique arrangement is conducive to mineral salt deposite and storage which gives bone tissue it's strength.

In mature compact bone of most of the individual lamellae form concentric rings around larger longitudinal canals within bone tissue. These canals are called harvesian canal.

They communicate through small channels called Volkmann's canal.

Harvesian canal consists of osteons, which are typically arranged along the long axis of the bone in parallel to the surface.



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