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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence refers to the use of technologies in order to solve the problems through the use of automated functions and robots.

Some of the basic example of the AI can be in the use of industries for manufacturing or in buildings skyscrapers.

Applications of AI:

1) Computing: Advance calculations can be managed in such a way that they can be solved by the AI by the use of advanced trials and intelligence.

2) Predictions: We can indeed use AI in order to know about the results in stock market and accurately predicting the weather of the certain place.

3) Online Shopping: Ai can be used to provide personalized recommendations to people based on what contents that they see and this way customers fulfilment can be carried on.

4) Against Pandemic: AI can be used in figuring out whether the person is wearing masks or not and can be used in analyzing fever through thermal guns.

And there are many other applications of AI

5)Cyber Security

6) Health

7) Transport

8) Manufacturing and Production

9) Cars

10) Smart homes and TVs,etc.