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Mister prabin

a. Reactants and products.

The chemicals that undergo chemical changes are reactants.The chemicals that are formed as a result of the reaction are products.
These are the chemicals before the reaction between them occurs.These are the chemicals after the reaction between them occurs.

b. Word equation and formulae equation.

It is the representation of chemical equations by words.It is the representation of chemical equations by symbols.
It is less informative.It is more informative.
It is longer and non-convenient.It is shorter and convenient.

c. Combination reaction and decomposition reaction.

In this reaction, different reactants are combined to form a single product.In this reaction, a single reactant is decomposed to form multiple products.
It occurs either in the presence or absence of heat.It occurs in the presence of heat only.

d. Positive catalyst and negative catalyst.

It increases the rate of a chemical reaction.It decreases the rate of a chemical reaction.
It is used to accelerate the reaction.It is used to slow down the reaction.
Mn02 is an example.Glycerine is an example.

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The energy present in the body of a dead person doesn't escape instantly but stays in the body.

Later when the body is buried, it decays and the energy is released to the soil. If the body is burnt instead, the energy is released to atmosphere. This is a part of carbon cycle.

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Mister prabin

When the concentration of Sodium thiosulphate was increased the rate of reaction increased and the time taken to reach equilibrium decreased, so therefore the rate of reaction is directly proportional to the concentration. So rate of reaction increases.

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For an equipotential surface,

Change in potential difference, ∆V = 0

Work done = q×∆V = q×0 = 0


Work done = Fs cosA = 0

Where, F = Force due to charges,

s = distance between charged bodies, and

A = angled between direction of F and s

Since, the equipotential surface is formed due to cancellation of equal and opposite electric fields, F and s cannot be 0.

So, Work done = 0 if and only if cos A = 0 → A = 90°

Hence, the equipotential surfaces are always at right angles to lines of electric force.

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Mister prabin

We know, both potassium and sodium are metals and lose the valence electrons. The atomic size of potassium more than that of sodium. So, the valence electron of potassium can be more easily taken by other reacting atoms as compared to that of sodium. Hence, potassium is more reactive than sodium.

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